Joe painting on a canvas with snow covered mountains and ground surrounding himJoe Rohde in Mongolia

This fall. . . . I’m going to travel and paint in the Altai Mountains of western Mongolia, one of the last strongholds of the endangered snow leopard. My paintings will be executed in situ, in landscapes inhabited by the elusive cat. Hopefully, the journey, the paintings, and the blog will help focus attention on this beautiful and endangered creature. Why landscape paintings?  The leopard, in spirit, is the land. When they disappear, the land loses a vital entity, a piece of itself.  People don’t understand that animals are not objects in a landscape. They are the land itself, expressed as living things. The environment is the leopard. The leopard is the land, two essences inextricably linked, both mysterious, beautiful, and threatened. I will be in the land, too, painting what it is to be, there. The paintings will be sold and auctioned upon return from the expedition to raise money towards snow leopard conservation.”

The words above were written by Joe Rohde, Disney Imagineer, in his blog on August 8, 2013.  Since then, Joe has completed his expedition–with a day by day report in the aforementioned blog–and gone on to raise over $40,000 for snow leopard conservation through sales of the paintings he created in Mongolia.  The paintings are bold and vibrant and capture the full essence of what was directly in front of Joe’s eyes–often the same view of any snow leopards living in the area.

While many of the original paintings have been sold, there are still a few available along with prints that have been made. Click on the images below for a larger view of each painting, and please see the DETAILED LIST for size and price information.

  • painting of tree with strings of prayer flags on it

    Shaman’s Tree 2

  • painting of snow leopard hidden behind falling snow

    Snow Leopard Unseen

  • ppainting of red mountain with vibrant blue sky and clouds behind

    Shiveet Khairkhan

  • painting of a a camel's 2 humps with a snow mountian in background

    Mountain with No Echo

  • painting of red mountains wiht blue sky behind


  • close-up painting of tree with prayer flags

    Shaman’s Tree 1

  • painting of upright standing thin slabs of stone in a grass field with mountains in distances

    Tsagaan Agsa, Deerstones

  • painting of red, rocky outcrop and red plains covered in snow

    Snow Leopard View

  • painting of camel bending down to put his mouth on his back leg

    Camel Bends Down

Joe’s longtime friend and filmographer, Jim McEachen, accompanied Joe as he traversed the Altai Mountains of Western Mongolia on camel and horseback and captured their experience on film.  The result is a phenomenal documentaryThe Leopard in the Land shares a pilgrimage that explores why we travel, how we interact with the world, and the effect this has on everything else – including the elusive and enigmatic snow leopard. The Leopard in the Land has been accepted into several film festivals across the Unites States including Wild & Scenic Film Festival, Environmental Film Festival, and American Documentary Film Festival.  DVDs of the film are also available for purchase here.

Words: "The Leopard in the Land An Artist's Odyssey across a landscape with mountains in the backgroundClick on the image above to see the film trailer


When Joe first called us with his idea nearly two years ago, we had no idea of the impact his expedition would have.  In addition to the significant amount of funds raised, Joe and Jim have done a phenomenal job of also raising awareness about the plight of the endangered snow leopard.  We can’t thank you enough, Joe and Jim!