3 women and 1 man with camera trap

Women learning to use a trail camera in Bhutan  (photo: T. Wangchuck)


  • We work with local partners and herder communities, the front line in preserving the biodiversity of Central Asia’s high mountains.
  • We provide needed technical and financial assistance for community-based activities linked to stewardship and biodiversity conservation.
  • Our programs build community ownership of projects, long-term self-reliance, and ecosystem health.
  • We involve communities in non-invasive baseline research on snow leopards, their prey and habitat, blending western science with indigenous knowledge.
  • Appreciative Participatory Planning and Action empowers communities to focus on their assets, successes and positive attributes instead of their problems and negatives.
  • Our conditions for collaboration include  linkage with biodiversity conservation; reciprocal contribution; participation; responsibility, and monitoring & evaluation.


Large group of people sitting on the grass

 Outdoor meeting & discussion in remote Zanskar village

Fo more details on the Snow Leopard Conservancy’s approach, see this page or our Publications page.