Snow Leopard Magazine, Volume 4 – June 2018

Sep 8, 2018 12:49 pm

Tashi Ghale

We are pleased to share Volume 4 of The Snow Leopard Magazine, published in June 2018 by the Snow Leopard Conservancy’s partners in Nepal. This year’s edition contains many interesting articles, including one written by the Darla Hillard, Director of Education for the Snow Leopard Conservancy, regarding environmental education and its importance to snow leopard conservation. Another article discusses the discovery of three separate sub-species of snow leopards while yet another explains the IUCN downlisting of the snow leopard from endangered to vulnerable and what that means for snow leopard conservation. Yet another fascinating article discusses postage stamps bearing images of wildlife, including the snow leopard.

Click on this link to read the current volume of the Snow Leopard Magazine.

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Shan: Coexistence with Snow Leopards

Sep 7, 2018 3:04 am

Visual artist and writer, Susan Leibik, traveled to Ladakh, India, in search of the snow leopard which she relates was a transformative experience. She was able to capture the snow leopard both visually in her charcoal drawing and through the written word.

Susan Leibik

The following is an excerpt from Susan’s article “Shan” as it appeared in the Kyoto Journal 91.

Some 80 feet away on a flat throne of rock, the snow leopard sits. Stepping up to the scope, I peer through as if to another dimension.  

That face, the hidden spirit of the mountains themselves revealed. The snow leopard is sitting atop her kill, the carcass of a blue sheep…Her fur is spotted with dark rosettes along her flank and down her extraordinary long and lush tail. The tawny buff-gold of her coat is luminous, seeming to generate its own rare light. Her face, all the sensory graces of her being converge there; the soft tufts of fur on her inner ears, the unique patterns of spots and ink dark calligraphing curves of marks above her eyes; the broad nose, whiskered muzzle, dark-lipped mouth…Her huge forepaws are resting in front of her, instruments of agility and athleticism. They grip rocks, float through deep snow, and lead her leaps in pursuit of prey. Her eyes are green amber, like some rare and unusual gem. 

Susan Leibik Shan

Looking through the scope, she seems to be staring straight back, full on. Her gaze overturns me…I cannot take my eyes away from her mesmerizing presence.

Read the complete article here.

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New Faces at the Snow Leopard Conservancy

Sep 6, 2018 1:55 am

Charleen Gavette recently joined the Conservancy team as Program Officer. She is responsible for day-to-day oversight of the Conservancy’s field programs, capacity-building, and reporting. Charleen has been a long-time Conservancy volunteer, assisting with GIS modeling of potential snow leopard habitat and migratory corridors and creating maps for presentations. She has also been a key volunteer in our “Land of the Snow Leopard” project, attending workshops in Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan and leading the development of special computer apps. She will continue these activities as a Conservancy staffer.


You can find out more about Charleen here.


Brian Peniston is our new Program Manager overseeing the (United Kingdom) Darwin Initiative Grant awarded to SLC for snow leopard and biodiversity conservation in Nepal. He will be responsible for managing the two-year, nine-month grant “Sustaining snow leopard conservation through strengthened local institutions and enterprises,” a joint collaboration between Mountain Spirit, TMI, Global Primate Network, ENNOVENT, National Trust for Nature Conservation/Annapurna Conservation Area Project and local communities in the Manang and Mt. Everest Regions.



 You can find out more about Brian here.

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Snow Leopard to be Mascot for 2018 World Nomad Games

Jul 27, 2018 10:48 am
RJ & Snow Leopard play

The World Nomad Games were initiated by the government of Kyrgyzstan, to highlight and preserve the world’s nomadic cultures and historical heritage through the revival of traditional games and competitions.

By making Snow Leopard the mascot, the organizers of the Games hope to bring extra attention to the plight of this unique animal and to saving its habitat.

World Nomad Games 2018 Mascot

We are pleased to report that our Land of Snow Leopard Network will be represented at the Games! Kuluipa Akmatova, Project Coordinator with Rural Development Fund, and LOSL Network member, has been invited to bring a troupe of middle and high school students to participate in the cultural program. With funding provided by the Conservancy and wonderful costume additions provided by SpiritHoods, the kids will perform the play Snow Leopard, which is based on the traditional precept that tragedy will befall anyone who kills a snow leopard.

Snow Leopard Play

The World Nomad Games to be held in September will draw some 3,000 athletes from 77 countries to compete in 37 types of ethnosports, from archery to wrestling to horse racing to eagle hunting. More than 10,000 spectators and media personnel are expected to attend.

This is a remarkable opportunity for our Network to advance it’s goal of creating pathways for indigenous participation in snow leopard conservation!

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Rodney Jackson on BeProvided Conservation Radio

Jul 26, 2018 11:39 pm

RJ_in_Hemis2013KarenCzekalski_copy reduced

Photo Credit: Karen Czekalski.

Rodney Jackson, Founder and Director of the Snow Leopard Conservancy recently spoke with Marcia Sivek of BeProvided Conservation Radio about his life’s work in snow leopard conservation.

In Part 1 of the podcast, they discussed Jackson’s path that led him to the snow leopard and about snow leopard behavior.
Click here for Part 1 of the podcast.

In Part 2, Jackson described the threats facing snow leopards today and the Snow Leopard Conservancy’s approach to conservation. He also shared what gives him hope for the future of these cats and other wildlife.
Click here for Part 2 of the podcast.


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